Unknown Facts about the Lie Detector Testing

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Lie detection is one kind of assessment that has a goal to reveal the truth. You hear about the lie detection test on the television. I am sure that you have no idea about the essential factors of such a testing process. Today we are going to discuss various unknown factors of lie detector test further in this article. If you are new to this concept, then read this information carefully to the end of the article.

The process of lie detecting testing is working into three steps. The first step is known as the pre-test phase. In this phase, the lie detector examines the different physiological indices of the examinee. The second step is the chart collection phase which considers the changes in the reactions in the different physiological indices. The third and last phase is known as analysis through you gets the result of the test.

Unknown facts

  1. The lie detector test is not a nervous detector, but it is a lie detector. It is not just for reality shows, but there are numbers of sectors which are taking advantages of lie detector testing.
  2. The first lie detector was invented in 1906 by Sir James McKenzie. He was a famous cardiologist at that time. After that many experts had been worked on it and enhance the technology.
  3. Many people think is the lie detector testing cannot give accurate results all the time. It is just nothing more than the misconception. With the help of lie detector tests, you can take 80% to 95% accurate result.
  4. In the process of lie detector test, there is main three phase of such technique. The pre-test phase, chart collection phase, and analysis are those essential steps of such a lie detecting technique.
  5. Numbers of sectors are taking advantages of the lie detector tests. Law enforcement, family issues, cases in the companies and many more other sectors are getting benefits from such technique.
  6. Different physiological indices are involved with the process of lie detector test. Some essential physiological indices are sweat glands activity, cardiovascular activity, respiratory and many more.
  7. The lie detector term is getting hype in these days. Due to the demand for such a testing technique, there are numbers of detection companies are providing their services to the clients.

Well, if you want to hire these detection companies, then you should choose the reliable one for you.