Ketogenic Diet Plan: What to Eat and What to Avoid

Ketogenic diet plan includes the low carbs and high-fat food items. It will help them to get energize and makes them feel full after having the meal. In the post, we will break the food items which you should avoid and should have in the keto diet plan. There are many keto diet foods items which you can have in the keto diet plan. Keto diet plans help the person to be fit and healthy. It makes the person keep active at all the time.

Things to eat

There are many things which you can eat in the keto diet plan. But you must keep in your mind that the food must consist of low carbs and high proteins and fats. So here are some food items which you can while performing the keto diet routine and those food items are:


Meant is the healthy food item. People think that meat is used to make the fat in the body, but the myth is wrong about it. Turkey doesn’t have high carbs. It is healthy and full of proteins having low carbs. It makes the body healthy and strong but not create fat.

Fish and seafood

These all are good for the health. Even the fatty fish like as salmon is excellent to have while doing the keto diet.


Eggs are rich in protein and do not contain carbs. They can heal the problems of eyes and heart problems too. These are best to have while following the diet plan. You can take the egg as you want like you can make boiled eggs and can have omelets also. It is a piece of advice for you, don’t have more than 36 eggs.

Food not to eat

It is the fact that the junk food is not healthy for the health. Remember that the diet food items also are not good for the health and you should avoid them if you are taking it. Keto diet foods are also there you can have them and make yourself better.

Ending words

Keto diet plan is a healthy plan to keep yourself fit and fine. You can have keto diet foods; they will help you to make your diet more effectual then before. You can also do the keto diet plan to make yourself better and fit.