Explore the best Beat of Website Design As Per Your Requirement

Larger fonts grab attention, remember, and prompt action. This is the reason why, by entering different websites, we can see short messages written in beautiful and large font. The forecast for 2016 in this direction is the use of a variety of fonts in different colors.

Tip: When writing messages on banners or sliders on your site, short messages can be written in capital letters only to attract the attention of visitors. For longer messages, however, it is not recommended to spell out entirely in capital letters because the text becomes difficult to read.

Photos are preferred in natural surroundings

Images also get bigger, especially when they are in the role of background images. They should have a response element in order to look good on smaller screens and mobile devices as well. The tendency to focus on quality images will continue to deepen, but their appearance will change. It is now based on photos in a natural environment. Fewer and fewer pictures will be used on a white background.

Quiet video as background

Video backgrounds will become more popular. Of course, in order to work, they must be quality-made and contain useful information for visitors to the site. The good video background is short, emotional, beautiful and memorable. From the Web design company Dubai get the best details now.

Infographics and Websites vs. Text Content

It will keep the tendency for information to be presented in the form of an image. Infographics are interesting and they can offer a lot of complicated information in a simple way. Besides, people like to share them. Websites are even more interesting. They are very similar to the info sheet but are interactive – the user is expected to perform a specific action (for example, clicking a button) to load different parts of the information included.

The images come alive and turn into a cinematograph

Cinemographs are images that are predominantly static but also have a dynamic (moving) element, something like a mini animation locked in the picture. They will be more and more common on modern websites.

The animation is part of the interface

The rotating circle appears more and more often, which prompts us to wait for a page or item to load. Loading animations and animations will generally be imposed in the interface not only as an illustration but as part of the functionality. Here’s a great selection of examples in this direction.

Images tell stories

Content that tells stories and creates emotions is among the most appealing, sharing, liking, and commentary. It’s not enough to have an interesting story and share it. It must be visually well-told. Interesting examples can be found in the interactive stories of nytimes.com.